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An injury can heal, but that doesn’t always mean the pain goes away. When it comes to your bones and joints, pain is often a chronic issue. You may have help managing—and even stopping—that pain, with Pulsed Eletromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. Not only can it help with the pain, it can stimulate your body to heal the damage!

PEMF Therapy in Lexington can help treat a variety of conditions: inflammation, pain, injured joints, insomnia, circulatory concerns, and more.  Your therapy is performed in the comfort of your own home with applicators that can treat a specific area, or your whole body.

PEMF Therapy in Lexington


What it Treats

PEMF therapy can help:
Promote circulation
Increase tissue/blood oxygenation
Fuse bone breaks
Quicken the wound healing process
Reduce tissue swelling
Treat osteoarthritis
Address pain from injuries
Manage chronic lower back pain
And more

Procedure Time

15 minute sessions


Any Gender
18 years or older; younger treatment possible

Recovery & Downtime

PEMF Therapy requires no downtime at all. You can relax while it reinvigorates your cells at the mitochondrial level.

Why try PEMF Therapy in Lexington?



PEMF Therapy is completely safe. The pulsed elecromagnetic field is administered without need for wires, electrodes, or any conductive gels. It can cover the entire body, or provide localized treatment.



PEMF Therapy provides an effective, safe treatment for a number of issues. NASA uses PEMF therapy to help with cartilage regeneration in sinovial joints.



Because PEMF Therapy stimulates all cells within the treatment area, it helps the body on multiple levels to reboot cellular function and achieve better health and healing.

What to Expect?

The PEMF Therapy Process


When you come to Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness for PEMF Therapy in Lexington, your provider will discuss your medical history, which includes medical reports concerning your current issue. This helps determine if you're a good candidate for PEMF Therapy. You can also ask any questions you may have about the benefits of the treatment and when you can expect the best results.

The Adjustment

You may choose to have whole-body PEMF Therapy, or to have treatment applied to a specific area. Fully body treatment requires lying comfortably on a specialized full body applicator, almost like a thin mattress. Localized treatment involves a smaller device, placed in a specific area. Either way, the device delivers a pulsed electromagnetic field to stimulate cells. You may feel small muscle contractions, or even a "pulsing" feeling in the treatment area. PEMF Therapy is completely painless.

Next Steps

Treatments that promote a body's natural self-healing abilities require a longer-term commitment to the healing process.

To prepare PEMF Therapy in Lexington, Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness recommends:

  • Fully understand your current health issue. Talk to your current healthcare provider about your condition. This way you can make informed choices for PEMF Therapy.
  • Make sure your chiropractor knows about any metal implants. Metal implants in general are fine for PEMF Therapy, because the energy used isn’t set to high levels. But the chiropractor must know about them, so that treatment is safe along with being effective.
  • Drink plenty of water. PEMF Therapy stimulates electrical currents in your tissues. Hydration is required for these currents to flow well. Do this before and after all treatments.
  • Set aside the time for healing. Make sure you have made time allowances for your PEMF Therapy. Stress causes physical issues that can alter the progress of your therapy. Plan on set times to allow yourself to heal.

To get the most out of PEMF therapy in Lexington, we recommend:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water. It’s part of your cellular process for creating, directing, and supporting your cells’ chemoelectric functionality.
  • Get exercise. Exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles. The improved cardiovascular function also helps remove toxins through blood flow and via healthy sweating.
  • Eat a healthy diet with the correct mineral content. When you have a proper balance of minerals along with electrolytes, electrical impulses in your body can operate more efficiently.
  • Reduce foods that cause swelling. It’s unfortunate, but sugar is a major cause of inflammation, and inflammation can contribute to chronic pain, and slow down cellular regeneration.

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