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Triple Crown Chiropractic

Triple Crown Chiropractic

Form meets function

Chiropractic isn’t just about addressing your aches or pains.

It can improve your overall well-being and function in life. With our extensive treatment modalities, we can go far beyond pain relief to help you discover true wellness from the inside out.

The best chiropractor in Lexington

Our foundation of care


Our family-focused approach makes us leaders in our lives and in our community.


We take pride in serving our patients all across the Lexington area.


We practice care with integrity and we always have our patients’ best interest at heart.


We are passionate about providing care and building relationships focused on wellness.

Our Facility

A family-friendly space

We’ve often been told by patients that our facility is the happiest office they’ve ever been treated in. Our team members truly care about each and every patient and it shows in our actions as providers, as well as in the ambiance we create in our office. These are just a few of the things that make us the best chiropractor in Lexington!

Our comfortable environment and spacious treatment areas make our facility suitable for all ages, so we can be your chiropractic and wellness partner through all stages of you and your family’s lives.

Our History

Our history informs our mission

Our founder Dr. Jenny Millen completed her education at Logan University, graduating with a doctor of Chiropractic in 2002. She’s been a part of our Lexington community for over a decade after moving to the area to be closer to family. The Hamburg neighborhood instantly felt like home thanks to its small-town feel, and Dr. Jenny decided to establish Triple Crown Chiropractic & Wellness here.

As our team has grown, together we carry on this mission of community care. Today, we aim to educate our community and teach patients just how impactful chiropractic and wellness care can be.

Our Team

The people who make it possible

Meet the Team

As a team, our mission is to get 80% of our community under chiropractic care.

As long-standing members of the Lexington area, founder Dr. Jenny Millen is joined in practice by Dr. Aaron Belcher and Dr. Ebony Marshall. Together, they serve the Hamburg neighborhood and beyond with quality natural care.

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