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Pediatric Chiropractic at
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Children have been getting adjusted for far longer than you might think. For more than 100 years, pediatric chiropractic has been shown to make a huge difference in the lives of children. The studies surrounding it are clear: there are fantastic benefits kids can get from care!

The Traumatic Birthing Process

Research shows that most babies have at least one spinal misalignment after birth. When they squeeze through the birth canal and are pulled or tugged on, it’s traumatic to their delicate spines, particularly in the neck area.

As your child grows, they continue to encounter forms of trauma. By age 12, it’s said that at least 1000 micro-traumas have taken place. Think about the heavy backpacks, electronic use, sitting for extended periods and extracurricular activities kids do. If their health isn’t addressed and maintain, they can add up to permanent issues.

We offer a gentle way to release these forms of distress by addressing the nervous system. It’s a safe, cry-free approach that we recommend parents turn to first for common childhood ailments.

We Do Not Treat Conditions

Our patients include kids with conditions like colic, torticollis, teething issues, digestive problems, bed-wetting, scoliosis, headaches and sleeping troubles. Note, however, that we do not treat these conditions! Instead, our focus is on restoring the body’s normal function, which may resolve symptoms.

We’ll have you and your child watch a short video when you arrive, then move onto the consultation and examination process. X-rays are only taken on kids if absolutely necessary. Most children will receive a treatment right away on their first visit. At the second visit, you’ll get a full report of your doctor’s findings, another adjustment and a treatment plan that is designed to restore your child’s optimal function.

Though we serve everyone in our community, we have an emphasis on pediatric and pregnancy care. Dr. Jenny is a mother of four boys, including one with Down syndrome. Know that our office has that small-town, family feel where you’re going to enjoy spending time. Whether you’re a newborn just hours old or someone in their 90s, we strive for patient satisfaction!

Do you adjust children differently or use a specific technique for your younger patients?

Yes. Children get low-force adjustments that won’t promote ligament laxity, which is important since their bones are still forming.
Is my child is nervous about their first chiropractic adjustment, how will you put them at ease?

All of our doctors have plenty of experience with children. We do no force kids to be adjusted if they feel uncertain. Sometimes we make it a game or demonstrate so they can see it is okay, which makes them more comfortable. We’ll work with them on their level.
What types of cases have you had success with?

When it comes to kids, we’ve been fortunate to see quite a bit of success. We’ve resolved growing pains, bed-wetting, headaches, colic, reflux, constipation in more. In older people, we’ve seen cases like severe scoliosis that were resolved in a year of care. We’ve also seen pregnant women with babies in breech presentation where the baby was able to get into the right position after we adjusted Mom.

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